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Bodum Columbia Thermal Coffee PressI did not even like coffee all that much until about two years ago when I discovered that it really did help keep me awake at work.  I worked in marketing for a bank downtown and was against spending $2.00 a day for a cup of coffee.  My co-workers would go just about every morning to get their java fix.  I would join them every once in a while for a cup of tea or hot chocolate.  Then, one day I decided to try a cup of coffee.  For someone who did not drink coffee, the caffeine really kicked in to the point where I was so alert that my hands were trembling.  But, I loved the fact that I was awake, motivated, and could concentrate on my work!  So, it all began…I was sold on the caffeine and I acquired the taste for coffee within a couple weeks. 

So, now that I like coffee, I was still against paying for it everyday, so I decided that coffee would be my treat.  I would only spurge on it a few days a week.  Then, I quit my job downtown to work for myself from home.  No more paying for coffee, but our coffee maker at home was a crappy hand-me-down from my parents that made coffee that tasted not much better than brown water.

One day, I was at the “office” with my new co-workers.  One of whom had a french press and made a pot of coffee in it.  I was pleasantly suprised with my first sip, it was like experiencing coffee again for the first time, but in a whole new way…a way that tasted great and did not require a couple weeks to acquire a taste.  The flavor was so smooth and comforting.  I had to get one of these french presses for myself.  So, I did.

 The first french press I purchased was a Bodum Chambord Coffee Press from Crate & Barrel.  It was a great press and made delicious coffee.  However, it had a flaw in design…glass.  Yep, glass, which I broke twice.  The first time, we ordered a new glass piece for about $20.  Then, about a month later it broke again.  That was it, I can’t be replacing the glass for $20 every month.  So, I went on a search for a better press.

My search led me to www.wholelattelove.com.  This site has crazy amounts of coffee making products.  Very interesting to just browse through and see what kind of expresso maker $2,000 buys you these days.  I found the perfect coffee press called the Bodum Columbia Thermal Coffee Press.   I purchased the 8-cup version for $49.99 from wholelattelove.com, with free shipping and no sales tax!  I even got 5% from a promotion they had running on the site at the time of purchase.

The Bodum Columbia Thermal Coffee Press is great for multiple reasons. 

  • First and foremost, it is not made of glass!  No more broken glass. 
  • It is dishwasher safe. 
  • The plunger has a suction to the sides making is nearly impossible for any coffee granules to sneak through into your coffee.
  • Since is double-walled stainless steel it keeps your coffee warm longer than a glass press.

Joe and I are so happy with our new coffee press.  It makes great coffee, won’t break and looks great, too!


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