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Matzo Ball SoupMy familiy celebrated another fun and delicious Hanukah dinner on December 9th.  I always look forward to Hanukah dinner, even more than Thanksgiving!  I would take a brisket, potato pancakes and a big bowl of matzo ball soup over turkey and stuffing anyday!

This year’s menu was similar to all the rest, why mess with perfection.  We start off with my mom’s matzo ball soup.  It is the perfect comfort food.  I am proud to say that I can now make this soup just as well as my mom.


1 package of chicken thighs (about 4-6 thighs)
1 whole onion
3 stalks celery, quartered
5 carrots, quartered
4 chicken boulion cubes
Salt & pepper

Matzo Balls

After experimenting with many different matzo ball recipes, we still love the Manischewitz mix better than any other matzo ball!  Just follow the directions on the package.

1 box Manischewitz Matzo Ball Mix
2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Add all ingredients to 2 1/2 quarts cold water, bring to boil.  Cook 1 to 1-1/2 hours until chicken is tender.  Remove chicken and pull chicken and skin from bone.   Add chicken, minus skin and bone, back into the pot.

Turn the heat up, so that the soup comes to a boil.  Wet hands and form matzo ball batter into balls approximately 1 inch in diameter.  Drop into boiling soup, cover tightly.  Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes.

I like to eat my matzo ball soup with noodles.  Try the Manischewitz egg noddles.  They come in a few different sizes and are perfect with this soup.

I hope you all enjoy the matzo ball soup that I grew up eating and still crave today!


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If Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, then I need to give lots of thanks to my mom and dad and my mother and father-in-law for all the yummy food they prepared for us this Thanksgiving.  Below are two pics from Thanksgiving at my parents.  On the left is a picture of the turkey my mom cooked and, of course, my dad carved.  The picture on the right is of the dinner table at my parents.  You can click to see the full size image.

turkey, turkey and more turkey       Thanksgiving dinner table

My mom always goes a bit overboard with the amount of food she prepares, but this year she actually cut down a bit, becuase there was only 4 of us eating.  Good job mom!  I always look forward to my mom’s cooking.  She is the reason why I love to cook.  The menu at my parents Thanksgiving included:

  • one delicious and gigantic Butterball turkey that my brother got for free from work
  • two kinds of homemade stuffing: plain and sausage
  • corn from my in-laws garden, which is so good it tastes like sugar
  • cranberry Jell-o mold
  • mashed potatoes and gravy
  • sweet potatoes and apples
  • rolls
  • 2 pumpkin pies for dessert
  • I brought the chocolate chip cookies

The food at my in-laws was also very tasty.  I don’t have any good pictures, but there was a lot of food for all 16 of us.  I made a carrot cake.   It was my first attempt at carrot cake and it was delicious!  I had been craving carrot cake for weeks, so I enjoyed it a lot.

 carrot cake

Thanks for all the fun and food this Thanksgiving.  It is so wonderful to have two families to celebrate with during the holidays.  It makes it twice as special! 

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