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Chuppas Marketplace
5640 Pearl Rd
Cleveland, OH 44129

(440) 885-5000

I love supporting local businesses, whether it’s a restaurant, hardware store or, in this case, a local market.  Not only does your local market typically have better prices than the big box grocer, but it also has a beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables, most of which are produced locally.  So, you’re supporting your local growers and your local business owners in one shopping trip.  In addition, you’re doing a small part to be green by purchasing products that are not shipped halfway across the United States. 

If this all sounds good to you (how could it not?), then you need to check out Chuppas Marketplace.

Chuppas has great fruit and vegetables that are always fresh and colorful.  My favorite part of Chuppas is their great deli.  They freshly cut all meats and cheeses to order.  Even better, the staff at the deli is so nice and friendly.  Not at all like the deli counter at Giant Eagle, where they cut mass amounts of meat at once and let it sit and get dried out.  More frustrating is the long lines at the GE deli even when 3 women are working, but 2 always seem to be too busy to help the customers.

Anyway, I digress, Chuppas deli really is great, with high quality, fresh meats and cheeses.  They also have prepared foods at the deli, like coleslaw, pasta salads, potato salad, etc.  I have not tried any of their meat from the deli, but they do sell multiple cuts of beef.  One of my favorites is the beef jerky, both the mild and spicy flavors are soft and chewy, but not too tough.
If you need a quick dinner, Chuppas also has a nice prepared foods section with dishes like beef stroganoff, swedish meatballs, stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbage and a variety of pasta.  This section also offers fresh soups and sandwiches.  I’ve tried the swedish meatballs and stuffed cabbage, I liked the swedish meatballs better, as the cabbage was a little bland.
All in all, Chuppas is clean, has a friendly staff, fresh food and good prices.  If you live in the Parma area, you must check it out!

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